Me & My MD

JA:  Program Year 3 and living in the UK for Core Clinicals, father, hockey player, world traveller  and husband (note the order in which these display - it's good to know where you stand).

KEL:  Wife, parent, full-time job worker, author of this blog, doer of laundry, cleaning & grocery shopping, keeper of the budget, social coordinator for the fam, chauffeur for the kiddo, ATM and travel agent (read in no particular order as their importance is equivalent on any given day).

DISCLAIMER:  I am the author of this blog. My soon-to-be MD, bless him, may or may not read based on what's  going on with his studies.  Though I do base blog posts on actual events, I NEVER use real names (not even our own) and often don't follow the correct time frame. This keeps things SAFE and ANONYMOUS from those readers who like to use words  like "cyber bullying". Let's be real - this is a blog 'based on' actual events - not the ticker at the bottom of CNN .